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1. Arrive at 299 Bassett Street, San Jose, CA 95110

2. Park in any of the two Parking Lots adjacent to the 299 Building.

    Free Street Parking is available, be advised of some metered street parking areas.

3. Enter the 299 Building through the glass door held open.

4. Go straight up the stairs and into the Punch King Fitness Floor (this is where the check-in area is located)
If it is your first day and have not yet purchased a Day Pass, purchase one via the tab “Gym-Get Started”. Or you may


5. use the QR code at the check-in area to scan and purchase a Day Pass.
   -If it is your first day and have requested a tour (which we recommend you schedule if you have not been to the           facility before), please ask for a facility associate to direct you to a Warcat associate. Please ask for any available     associate if you are walking in without an appointment.

   -If you are a current member or have already purchased your Day Pass, use the kiosk to check-in.

6. After checking in, exit the Punch King Fitness Floor and make a right. Down the walkway will be bathrooms and a      Flowater Station available for member use.

7. As you walk down the right side of the walkway you will see a set of stairs on your left side leading down. Those      stairs will lead you to the Warcat Strength Gym Floor.

8. Upon entering Warcat Strength, take note of the helpful information (hours, bathroom codes, associates                      available to help you) on the left side of our community whiteboard.

Have a good training session! Feel free to ask available associates or other members if you need help navigating the space!

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