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Whats up you guys! Arnel here! I am WARCAT Strengths owner and head coach. I'm a young entrepreneur with a lotta heart and drive! I have only dreamed of opening up a gym and now I am living it! I love my wife, Jessica, my dogs Pudge and Luna, and my entire staff! Oh! btw, WARCAT was inspired by an old orange cat I used to own named Kronk. I am now increasing my bio in order to match the length of the one that is next to me :)  





Hi friends! My name is Jessica. I'm Arnel's wife and a proud owner of WARCAT. I do a lot around here like planning our next powerlifting meets, training clients and helping them to reach their goals! Outside of the gym, I am a proud dog mom and enjoy drinking wine! Fun fact: I am a certified wine specialist so come at me with your questions! 




HEY! I'm Alex but you can also call me Malds because there is another Alex and sometimes it's a wee confusing. I am an SJSU grad that majored in Graphic Design and minored in Photo so you can guess what I do around here. Apart from doing design and photo, I'm the General Manager here at WARCAT Strength! Some cool things you should know about me is that I love volleyball, football, and my two cats, Ellie and Moe.  





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