Whats up you guys! Arnel here! I am WARCAT Strengths owner and head coach. I'm a young entrepreneur with a lotta heart and drive! I have only dreamed of opening up a gym and now I am living it! I love my wife, Jessica, my dogs Pudge and Luna, and my entire staff! Oh! btw, WARCAT was inspired by an old orange cat I used to own named Kronk. I am now increasing my bio in order to match the length of the one that is next to me :)  





Hi friends! My name is Jessica. I'm Arnel's wife and a proud owner of WARCAT. I do a lot around here like planning our next powerlifting meets, training clients and helping them to reach their goals! Outside of the gym, I am a proud dog mom and enjoy drinking wine! Fun fact: I am a certified wine specialist so come at me with your questions! 




HEY! I'm Alex but you can also call me Malds because there is another Alex and sometimes it's a wee confusing. I am an SJSU grad that majored in Graphic Design and minored in Photo so you can guess what I do around here. Apart from doing design and photo, I'm the General Manager here at WARCAT Strength! Some cool things you should know about me is that I love volleyball, football, and my two cats, Ellie and Moe.  











Hey y’all! My name is Vince and I’m currently an SJSU Kinesiology undergraduate student that works at WARCAT Strength. As part of this team I handle work that revolves around content creation, editing, and front desk responsibilities. One fun fact about me is that even though I’m a big/muscular looking dude, I’m really into nerdy things such as watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games. If you ever see me around don’t be shy and feel free to come up to me to introduce yourself!