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ARNEL (owner/founder)





JESSICA (owner)










I started WARCAT in 2017, with the vision to create a training community where high energy and ambition defined our culture. As a team, we have come far in leading our definition of Bay Area powerlifting. I am proud of the ways we have demonstrated our brand to running meets that have hosted thousands of lifters spanning across the country. Our creative efforts have paved the way for unique events, from specialized meets for beginners to competitive state championships held at the first ever Powerlifting Expo in California.

I welcome you all to WARCAT and am privileged to have you join our mission in growing Bay Area Powerlifting. I hope you enjoy a community and training space that welcomes new lifters as well as challenges world-class athletes. Thank you for your support! I hope to see you soon! 









Hi friends! I’m Jess, co-owner of WARCAT and Arnel’s wife! I started off really only doing back end stuff, but then got certified in personal training and became a USA Powerlifting Meet Director and Referee! I strive to coach other women to discover their strongest selves through strength training and powerlifting (just like I have!). I love that our community is so open and diverse, and I can’t wait for you to come check us out to what we are all about! Come by the gym and say hi! 👋🏼



Hey guys what’s up Im Haley one of the facilitators here for Warcat!! I've been a member/partner with Warcat for about 3 years now! I’ve been able to accomplish so many goals training here at Warcat like hitting National records and earning a pro card! One of the things I really love about being a part of the Warcat community is being able to push others, have fun and just being in this community is always inspiring to me and keeps me pushing for more. Warcat is an amazing space with such driven and hard working people!











I joined warcat around the end of 2021 and ever since then I’ve only been able to grow as a lifter physically and mentally. Nothing is more motivating than training alongside people with the same goals and who support you during the process. Warcat is the only gym I would recommend people to go to if they’re looking to get better and have fun while doing it.







I was always physically active ever since I was a kid. Always moving and never sitting still unless my parents told me too. I feel in love and gained a passion for basketball. I would train relentlessly and was competitive as they come, until injuries and self doubt came to play. Not until  I volunteered for Warcat Initiative II and saw the passion within the athletes, in which I was itching to try this sport out. I came into powerlifting by word of mouth and some experience in lifting but never to this degree, in which I would train to try my first meet at Warcat Open 3.  I gained a lot of incredible knowledge, Gains!!!, and a supportive community/family that I would never take granted of. I want to try my best to take care of the community that has given back to me. I hope I’ll be able to give back as much as it has given me. Warcat Forever!!!!

Hi i’m Calvin ᕙ(⊙‸⊙)ᕗ

I started powerlifting at Warcat in early 2021. That year was a lot of firsts for me. First time in a gym, first time competitor, and my first time being an adult.
Warcat was at the center of those special moments. The friends I made along the way championed all of my progress and honored all my stories. 
Warcat’s stewardship in the powerlifting space reminds me to always attack ambitiously in all that I do. Whether I do it for the first time or my 1000th time.






My name is Tom and I’ve been involved in the powerlifting community since around 2019. When the pandemic started I found myself working out at home with a barbell and a half rack which I’m grateful for. During this time I found a twitch streamer, Nico Flores who was a competitive powerlifter and is now my coach. His streams along with encouragement from some gym friends inspired me to start competing in 2022. This is when I found Warcat - this is when I found a community that I can happily and proudly call family. Everyone in the gym was welcoming but I was intimidated by the immense and raw power that every athlete who trains at Warcat maintains. I was able to start conquering new challenges like cutting for competition and dealing with much stricter judging with the help of the Warcat community. Today I’m honored to help represent Warcat and bring in more athletes interested in powerlifting or working out in general.

I’ve been in sports my entire life and I thought I was done when I moved away from home and started college but once I was introduced to powerlifting through volunteering at a Warcat meet and the community at Warcat, I found myself at home with people that feel like family. Powerlifting has become a happy place for me, whether I’m at my home gym or training at another powerlifting gym when traveling. The energy, vibes, and support you feel here is unmatched, and I’m proud to call this gym home. My favorite part is regardless of if you’ve been here for years or its your first time here, you will feel the energy and support of this community. I will follow this community anywhere. 💯






Hey I’m Isaiah and I am Warcat’s photographer! I first joined Warcat in 2019 and I was presented the opportunity by Arnel to help grow Warcat in 2021 through photography. Since then I was able to combine both my love for photography and powerlifting. I do meet day photography, fitness photography, apparel shoots, and many more. You can find me on @izayarobin or @the_babyeater on IG. If you see me around, don’t be afraid to ask for pictures! 






Hello, I'm Christian, and for the past decade, I've immersed myself in the captivating world of photography and videography. In 2016, I discovered my passion for fitness, and by the end of 2019, I delved into powerlifting, which truly captivated me. During my journey, I was introduced to WARCAT, where their vibrant energy and familial atmosphere immediately drew me in. Now, I've found my calling by fusing my hobbies in photography, videography. and powerlifting to craft compelling content that showcases the essence of the fitness and powerlifting community to the world.









Hello my name is Jaylin , Warcat became a second home to me, the community is unlike no other. I hope every member that walks in feels welcome and supported. You can come to me for any questions/ concerns or even just a quick chat. Warcat is a space for everyone! 




Hey I'm David! My love for the gym stemmed from my roots in football, which i started just under 8 years ago. While inconsistent for the first couple years, once i started college that's when it really kicked off for me, and i have been going strong for about 6 years now. I started powerlifting just over a year ago, and it's been a passion of mine ever since.

Warcat now sits at the middle of that. I heard one of my best friends Alice, as well as other members of the powerlifting team at SJSU talking about it and going there constantly, and now that i have started, there's no going back. Everything from the equipment down the the community is amazing, reconnecting me with old friends, and making plenty of new ones. All while getting to have fun in a sport we love.

Hi! I’m Alice and I’ve been powerlifting for several years now after playing competitive volleyball through high school. I’m also currently serving as the secretary and safety officer of the powerlifting club team at SJSU for the 23-24 season while working on my research psychology masters degree. I’ve competed, handled athletes, and reffed at several local USAPL meets in CA. Outside of lifting, I love spending time in the redwoods hiking and being a scientific educator. 

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