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-Warcat Strength Gym is now located as part of 299 Bassett Street’s Fitness Mecca Project. The Fitness Mecca Project, led by Punch King Fitness, aims to assemble strong gym and fitness brands from a variety of different training disciplines. 299 Bassett Street is a 25,000 sq ft. facility, currently housing 3 gyms on different floors, with plenty of room to grow and add on more. Warcat Strength will occupy a space approximately 5,000 sq ft. within the facility, and will serve as its Open Gym area.

 Warcat Strength Gym specializes in serving the powerlifting and bodybuilding communities. Warcat has top of the line equipment to serve both competitive and casual lifters. Warcat is best known for fostering a strong community that is welcoming and supportive to all. From the gym beginner to the nationally competitive, Warcat Strength Gym is the perfect training space for people of all levels to work towards their strength, muscle building, and body composition goals. 

Warcat is a brand leader for USA Powerlifting and has put on numerous competitions, events and an expo showcasing some of the strongest athletes across the state and nation. Warcat has helped to provide a training environment that supports and welcomes beginning lifters as well as pushing nationally competitive lifters to the next level. Warcat is best known for its high energy environment, creating a culture of positive motivation and inspiration. 

Warcat Strength Gym is a big supporter of lifters pursuing aesthetic goals. Warcat Strength Gym provides plenty of stations, machines, posing mirrors and great lighting for those looking to improve their body composition. Our partnered gyms within the 299 Bassett facility also provide an extension of even more equipment to train with!

Warcat Strength Gym has joined an ambitious project and we are excited that you are too!


-5 Texas Strength Systems Powerlifting Competition Racks (with updated Bench Pads)

 -Rogue Powerlifting Competition Plates 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50kg Plates

-Cast Iron 2.5, 5, 10, 25 and 45lb Plates

-20kg Ohio Power Barbells
-45lb Ohio Power Barbells

-20kg Texas Strength Systems Barbell
-45lb Texas Deadlift Barbells
-45lb Rogue Deadlift Barbells
-45lb Kansas Power Barbells

 -5 Deadlift Platforms

-Dumbbells 2.5-100lbs

-Kettlebells 10-175lbs

-Plate Loaded Dumbbells

 -4 Elite Pro Adjustable Benches 

-2 Rogue Flat Benches

-2 Rogue Westside Benches

-4 Power Rack Stations

-Landmine Row Station

-Rogue Iso Leg Press Machine

-Rogue Belt Squat Machine

-Rogue Reverse Hyper

-Rogue Lat Pulldown / Row Machine

-Double Column Cable Machine

-GHD Machine

-10’x10’ Stretching / Grappling Mat

-2 Assault AirBikes (for warming up)


-2 Parking Lots

-Street Parking

-Air Conditioning

-Flowater Machine

-Water, Energy/Sports Drink Vending Machine

-Upgraded Bathroom Space

-Baby Powder Station

-2 Standing Chalk Bowls

-Complimentary Barbell Collars

-Complimentary Utility Table (First Aid, Misc Tools, Sanitizer, etc…)

-Complimentary Foam Rollers, Rumble Rollers, Bands, and other Stretching/Mobility Tools

-Towel Dispenser and Spray Bottle Stations

-Rentable Locker Space

-Lounge Area

-Chairs and Benches for Rest

-Access to both the Punch King Fitness and

Elite Pro Fitness Gym equipment! 
(when group classes are not in session)

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